In preperation for the Mont-Blanc ascent; a walk in Kent

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We’re at the stage when life is supposed to begin, we’ve had a swath of 40th birthday celebrations over recent months.  Duncan wasn’t content to just boogy away though.  He wanted to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks.  Some kind of family tradition it seems.

Having planned it for months and bought our necessary water proofs and thermals, just after new year, the day came to our window dressed in snow, as Joad put it.  Yes, it looked beautiful, but oh how it prevented our babysitters getting to us.

Kent in the snow

So with various sets of grandparents stranded around the country we were faced with doing something a little more local.  His desire to do a long distance walk was not diminished by the snow however, so the Garmin came out and routeswere planned and up loaded.  They settled on devising a walk near Pembury in Kent and left the women at home.

Having specifically sought hills though, the effect snow would have on the paths and subsequently leg muscles was not really anticipated.  The quick 18 miles took a little longer than anticipated, 5 hours in all.  Maybe it was the fact that the birthday boy was in fancy dress that slowed things down a bit?

Birthday boy walking Pembury in the snow

They made it back in the light though, but at the expense of forgoing a welcome rest in the inviting looking hostelries.   Better planning next time, perhaps?  Fortunately they didn’t need to use his birthday present of a crevasse rescue kit, but the 4×4 came in handy getting to the start.

Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

And so the planning continues.  Only 6 months until the Mont-Blanc ascent.   More long distance walks to fit in and even some fell running perhaps.  And don’t forget the shopping – plenty more gadgets and gizmos needed.

So who’d have thought that Pembury in January could act as a suitable substitute for proper mountains, but it did.

Just for those who like the detail, the 18 mile walk took them from Pembury, to Hawkenbury, Frant, Eridge Geen, Groombridge ad the edge of Tunbridge Wells.


3 thoughts on “In preperation for the Mont-Blanc ascent; a walk in Kent

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    Alex said:
    February 20, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    this was a great walk – the Kent snow was amazing and the banana with us helped keep the pink hat up. In Tunbridge a small child said to her dad “why is that man wearing a pink hat?” – she completely missed the banana – should have said “why is that hat sat on a banana?”

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