Electronic breadcrumbs in Chamonix

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A few weeks ago I was amused by slonie’s blog that introduced the world to electronic bread crumbs.  For the uninitiated these are maps of the route you’ve taken while using your GPS. He being a cyclocross rider offered some interesting pictures.

The challenge was then set to see how these route patterns look on a ski run.  Both he and my husband have a  Garmin Edge 705, so the match seemed fair.

Well here is our first attempt.  I must admit the visibility was hopeless this morning so I wasn’t in the mood for either going off piste or traveling far, but as it was our first day in resort we had a potter.

Original picture:

Grand Montents original Garmin picure

And here are some artistic versions of the same: water colour

Gramin Edge 705 Grand Montets picture original

Glowing edges:

Grand Montets Glowing edges

And finally neon

Grand Montets in Neon

So could this catch on as a new art form?


One thought on “Electronic breadcrumbs in Chamonix

    Slonie said:
    March 2, 2010 at 2:40 am

    Nice! Glad to hear I inspired you… Undeservedly!

    The first time I looked at your traces I thought the straight lines were GPS glitches, but then I realized (duh!) you’re Skiing! So they’re lifts!

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