Do cushions walk when you are not looking?

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It’s probably only a female thing, but one of the first things I notice in a sitting room with clean lines is the cushions.  Sad I know (I’m working on getting a life, honest!) A very ‘men behaving badly’ Dorothy moment I think – women want more – men hate the things.

So when I clicked on the new Mountain Base agency photos

Blue cushions

there they were, the rouge blue cushions.  The place is hues of radiant reds, glorious greys, bold blacks and wicked whites – and then the blue cushions jump in.

Twin bedroom with blue cushions

When I visit they live in the twin bedrooms, but clearly when I’m away they wander elsewhere.

And don’t get me started on the master bedroom cushions.  They are fuchsia pink, but they also too seem to jump into the red and black surroundings.  Fushia cushions in their home of the master bedroom

Do they get lonely?  Perhaps out of season they feel ignored and unloved and the excercise keeps them plump??

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to bring a splash of alternative colour. I think instead I should marvel in the number of different cushion combinations that greet me on my arrival ‘home’:-)


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