Kids’ skis turn out to be more nickable than adults

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Just returned from a lovely sunny family week in La Plagne, France, but with a sour taste in the mouth.

unfortunately we are now 190Euros lighter for the cost of replacing our kids’ hire skis which were pinched at the end of the last day. Having spent much of the week keeping an eye on the adult skis we own, it took us by quite a surprise. The village we were staying in was small which made it all the more surprising.  Or maybe we are just too trusting.

Having notified our hire shop of the situation they said that kids skis are far more likely to be pinched, as they are easier to carry and kids keep growing out of last year’s.

So as inconvenient as it sometimes seems to leave the slopes and have to drive to your next destination within the Chamonix valley (as opposed to ski to your door/bar), at least it means your skis are locked away safely.

So, please be careful and keep an eye on your kids skis.  And maybe think about accepting that offer of insurance from the hire shop…!


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