Seb says that skiing conditions could be good until the end of May!

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Well, for those of us that sometimes feel the ski season is too short, it seems you are in luck this year.  Seb Montaz’s latest Chamonix snow report (22nd April 2010) says that the snow “for this time of year is incredible.”  He reckons that we should be able to ski up until the end of May this year, wow!

Seb then goes on to show us what all the fuss is about with some fantastic shots of his friends descending vertical drops on the back of Brevent, having gone up La Floria. There are even some fresh tracks shots. – Snow conditions are still safe on the Valley Blanche and Grand Montets areas.

Seb of course is well placed  to offer advice, given that he is a highly experienced summer and winter mountain guide. His snow reports have been fantastic all season, but this is probably one of his last snow videos this year.  Shame, but roll on warm weather for the cycling etc.

We even get some insight into his favourite music.  The track to accompany his possibly penultimate snow report is Brad Sucks – dropping out of school.

And if you like Seb’s video’s don’t forget to come back again in June to check out our own personal video filmed by the man himself.  Don’t worry it’ll be on the boy’s Mont Blanc assent rather than cleaning the flat or something dull like that.


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