The link between Mont Blanc and Prostate Cancer

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It all started as a beery conversation in the pub Christmas 2008.  “Lets do the three peaks in 24 hours.”

Having been there, conquered that, a new challenge needed to be devised. “Well Mont Blanc can’t be that difficult can it?  It may be the tallest mountain in Europe, but with a little training we can manage it.” And so they were off.

With a team substitution of Alex for Jose, the training began. Many a weekend has since been spent running in the mud or walking in the snow, as you saw in January.

Now with just over a month to go, it seems awfully real.  In true unorganised bloke style they’ve suddenly realised that ferries need to be booked and exact dates agreed.  Any excuse for another trip to the pub for ‘a meeting’ I think 🙂

Thankfully the guide Seb Montez of Chamonix Guiding has been reserved, and one of charities decided on, Prostrate Cancer.

Seb was chosen because the training trip in Chamonix went really well last June.  There was plenty of crevasse rescue training, walking on the Mer de Glace etc.

While prostate cancer was chosen for equally instinctive reasons, as its an illness close to home.  Duncan’s Dad was diagnosed with it early in 2009, but thankfully after two sets of treatment he’s got the all clear now.  One of the team members also had a close scare, but the less said about cough and drop the better. (I’ll spare you the photos on that :-)).

Anyway, Duncan’s Just Giving page is linked to the picture below. Please consider contributing to make this little jaunt of more benefit than just a lads week away.  It would also be great to see that 0% disappear, thanks!

Oh yes, so being near Mont Blanc doesn’t actually cause prostate cancer, the link is that the ascent will be raising money for research into curing it 🙂


3 thoughts on “The link between Mont Blanc and Prostate Cancer

    […] I’m pleased to say we found plenty of things to do that didn’t involve extreme sports or involve excessive walking. – And that was just the first day of the weekend. Although I […]

    Weekend In Paris said:
    May 7, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I love your blog and the photos are amazing!
    Thanks for chiming in on my blog and giving me your comments about Chamonix, which you are very passionate about. I also applaud you making a connection with Prostate Cancer…I have been a Patient Advocate for Prostate patients for many years!
    Please keep reading!

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