Drugs and performance pants in preperation for THE mountain

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Well it’s been quite a week, plenty of bloke type planning and they are well underway on their adventure.  This trip is a bit like planning for Christmas – the date is predictable, but the shopping still goes on till late into Christmas Eve.

Having seen the kits list it seemed to spur on a flurry of ebay bidding and all sorts of packages (or missed delivery letters at least) popped through our door.  Not one to slum it my husband, silk sleeping bag liners came in one package, carabiners in another, 30metre ropes in a third. Talk about women enjoying shopping, none of that lot was on the list, but nevermind.

Some other interesting things arrived too.  Drugs. Lots of them.  Enough for everyone apparently. Aha.  So internet doctors don’t only prescribe viagra, but also altitude sickness pills.  After much uming and ahhing it was decided to get enough for everyone, just incase they managed to get that far and the height beat them.  Fitness has little to do with how your body reacts to being up in the skies.

And a packet of pants.  Performance pants apparently.  It’s best that your crown jewels rest at an optium temperature it seems.  No good being too hot or too chilly, who knows what that would lead to.  I’m not sure what articles he’s been reading, but it’s obviously the details that count.  They’re called Dry Flo by Lowe Alpine. Nice.


And here they are in the flesh, so as to speak.



So as one package still languishes in Charlton’s Parcel Force depot I hear that the rest of the packages are currently being put to good use and no doubt keeping the crown jewels comfy.


One thought on “Drugs and performance pants in preperation for THE mountain

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