The pen that mounted Mont Blanc

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They made it! Whe, hey. And so did a pen they found in the back of Duncan’s ruck sac. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t have the exclusive brand name of Montblanc, but neither does it have a price tag of hundreds. However, unlike its name sake, it’s actually been there (8.40am French time,Tuesday 8th June 2010) so surely it warrants being a mont blanc pen of sorts?

Watch out for the wind noise.

That’s not what Mr ebay thought when it was put up for a charity auction though:-(

It had managed to raise another £26 for the Prostate Charity and ebay pulled it, the miserable gits. Now we’ve got to start all over again!

The boys are up to £517.19 so far and it would be great to reach the £1,000. So lets hope the pen can generate some interest again!


3 thoughts on “The pen that mounted Mont Blanc

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    karlin said:
    November 16, 2011 at 6:24 am

    The Mont Blanc pen is actually beening there? That’s great. This makes it has the new meaning that the pen is really a Mont Blanc pen.

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