GPX file of Mont Blanc mountaineering, you saw it here first

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Given that everyone seems to have gadgets these days, and particularly people with a disposition for extreme sports, there aren’t many electronic bread crumbs left up the big mountain.

Duncan is an avid CV tracker and regularly times his cycle route to work etc., so of course had to record progress up Mont Blanc. It’s quite amusing reading for someone so fit. – It took 11.34 hours to go 8.61KM, with an average moving speed of 4.3km. It almost reads as ‘don’t give up the day job boys’, but when you spot that 2,217m were climbed up and down in that period you can understand why perhaps.

Look, they started off well, but the terrain obviously started taking it’s toll.

As you can see, heart rate increased as the gradient rose.  The pace got so slow at times that the garmin didn’t even register movement, hence the short recorded time and long elapse time, as I’m sure it wasn’t a great place to sit down and have a long picnic really.

Looking at the contours it say it all really.

They conquered the first part of the journey more quickly, bagging  7.53 km in 2.37 hrs gaining 1,786 metres. Check out the garmin link for the other stats.

So out of the 10 Mont Blanc GPX files available on the Garmin Connect site, 2 are from this very own Wilmington Possy.  Not bad out of the millions of GPX files on the site. Well done boys!

Interpid mountaineers thanks for reading this, …….


2 thoughts on “GPX file of Mont Blanc mountaineering, you saw it here first

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