5 things to do with kids in Chamonix during the summer

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Libby turns 8 when we are in Chamonix this year and she’s already planned out her activities for the week.  Most excited! On the birthday itself this is what we’ll be doing..

  • Plannards, Luge d’été or Parc de Loisir Chamonix, also, also known as Mont Blanc’s amusement park. Plenty of names to describe plenty of activities that go on there. We particularly like the summer sledging that is reached using the ski lift itself, and the Loopis ride that turns you upside down which is always good for making you feel guidy. These activities and plenty more can be accessed for the day price of 45€ for a family of four.  There is also a very good value restaurant on site so no need to worry about sandwiches.  Plannards is about a 12 minute walk from Barrats A so is nice and handy.

The day after we’ll be doing something a little calmer, but possibly more hair raising; rock climbing and absailing.

  • There are various venues for rock climbing but particularly good beginners’ crags are just a couple of kilometres away from the flat (about 15mins walk) in Les Gaillands.  Here you can hire guides and equipment and enjoy the cafe.  Les Gaillands offers lovely views of The mountain with a peaceful lake in the foreground.  We happened to have our own equipment so can go as often as we like.

Then its off for something gentler.  Weather permitting it will be a trip to the municipal lake near Sallanches.

  • Parc d’Losier Passey is a municipal lake 15 minutes drive down the valley (also known as Piscine de Combloux).  It has a snack bar, restaurant, cycle path, mini boats to hire etc.  It’s also a few degrees warmers than Chamonix itself.

And if the weather isn’t so great we can still get some swimming at the leisure centre in the town centre itself, the Richard Bozon Sports Centre.

And our fifth favourite activity, particularly good for those if you who love animals in their natural habitat, is a trip to Parc de Merlet at Les Houches.

  • Parc de Merlet has  many animals such as Lamas, Marmottes, Chamois, Daims etc.  Given the hight of the park there are also fantastic views of the Bossons glacier and Cosmique Arrets. The car park is quite a way from the entrance and the walk is up a steep slope but it’s worth it.  We’ve even placed a geocache near the entrance for another reason to visit and explore the valley.

Can’t wait!!!

P.S We’ve also added a page on short walks you might find useful.

And 5 more things to do with kid in the summer …

Plus a something for older kids, particularly those who like good food.

And if you are looking for indoor activities, here are a few more suggestions..


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