Slack lining across the Arve

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As a prelude to the Adventure Film Festival in Chamonix this weekend two amazing ladies ‘walked on water’. Jelena Schradi and Ingrid Laillaut strutted their stuff and introduced us to slack lining.

Slack lining in the art of walking on webbing stretched between two points, in this case either side of the river running through town, attached by belay devices . As the line isn’t as taught and  stiff as a traditional tight rope, each time you move a vibration is sent through the webbing and back to the foot again, making balance even more difficult than standard tight rope walking. To add to the difficulty of this display the moving water beneath exacerbates concentration as the air moves in waves.

Fortunately the girls were attached by harnesses!

But the strength they need to get back onto the rope is incredible.

That doesn’t stop them striking other poses though.

Apparently the sport is great for helping with core stability and benefits other activities you might do.

High lining is another variation of this sport, but conducted much higher above the ground, proper adrenalin junky stuff.  And this is where Seb has obtained material for one of his latest films. Seb Montaz’s Send it Sistah! film was the opening to the three day festival and set things off very nicely. A trailer to which is shown here.

What’s even more impressive is that Jelena has only been doing this 2 years and Ingrid 6 months!

In terms of the film festival we particularly liked Elder and Lindsay Clarks’ Better Bones and Gardens. Sender Films’ First Ascent:Point of  No Return was moving, but unfortunately our 8 year old is now having nightmares about avalanches. (But we did get to be in the same room as Kilian Jornet for a little while).

So to finish on a ‘high note’, here is a photo of Seb himself slack lining.


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    […] may have seen in my earlier post in August with Ingrid and Jelena slacklining across the Arve prior to the Adventure Film Festival.  Seb has just posted as short file of the promotion event […]

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