Our first cache has been found!

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So excited.  We’re the proud owners of a plastic jar containing christmas cracker tat, hidden half way up a hill in France.  Not only that, but it’s been found within a week of hiding it and then again the week after! Yipee.

The kids were itching to hide their own stash (can’t remember whether I encouraged it or not ;-)) so we thought we’d find a holiday location that meant something to us and led finders to spectacular views.  It didn’t take long to agree that Parc de Merlet in Les Houches would be ideal.  We’ve located it on the Petit Balcon Sud, close to the park, about an hours walk from Chamonix centre.

As you may have seen from our pervious post, this game Geocahing is refife in Chamonix.  It also seems to be growing quickly, particularly with our help 😛  We hope others enjoy finding this cache too.

Tha cache is a Eurohike round grey container of medium size and was placed containing all sorts of wonders such as
note-book, purple gel pen, bubbles, stampers and a bead set.  Should be interesting to see how the contents have changed when we next visit it.  We’ve already been swapped ‘Lingettes rafraîchissantes’ for our ‘Tampons Encreurs’. Hum.

The coordiantes are N 45° 54.588 E 006° 49.333 and you can find more details at the Geocahing site.

Unfortunately it was rather damp when we stashed it so I don’t have photos of the exact view, but the photo below from inside the park itself gives you an idea of what it’s like. There are lovely views of both the Bossons and Toconnaz glaciers and Les Houches in the valley below.

Fortunately it looks as though our first finder was happy and this is what they said:

Premier FTF ! Faut dire qu’on a eu du bol de le chercher seulement une semaine apres qu’il a été posté. L’endroit est super sympa, avec une tres belle vue et on peut ensuite visite le parc animalier, tres agreable en fin d’apres-midi l’été.

We look forward to reading your logs too.


2 thoughts on “Our first cache has been found!

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