Things to do in Chamonix when its raining

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Well let’s face it, this summer wasn’t the sunniest in much of Western Europe.  And if there wasn’t rain the scenery wouldn’t be a lovely lush green would it?

Having become comfortably used to temperatures regularly hitting the 30s in previous summers, I must admit I’d become a bit complacent in my packing and not paid too much attention to filling cases with jumpers and trousers.  A bit daft really when one of the highlights of going to the Alps is to see snow-capped mountains. Nevermind, a good excuse to go shopping 🙂

So with Chamonix being principally an outdoor holiday, we had to discover some alternative activities if we were to stay dry.   So, here are some of the things we found to do to keep the kids entertained and damp free.

  • Bowling. A place we have walked past so many times in Cham Sud, but never visited.  The kids were delighted. During wet weather it opens at 2pm, (as opposed to 5pm on dry days) and stays open until 10pm.  Although each game isn’t cheap (9 Euros per adult, 7 Euros per child I think), they offer a bowl and drink package where for an extra euro you can get a drink (soft or alcoholic).  A drink, bowl and pizza package is also available for 14euros.
  • Indoor mini golf. Located above the bowling alley, it’s nice and dry, if not a little quick 9 holes. 5 Euros per person, a round which you can string out at quiet times.
  • The Crystal Musem at the Espace Tairraz. Although Daddy is almost allergic to museums we managed to pass an hour and half without too much stress. It comprises two exhibitions:  “Les Hommes and Les Glaciers” and a crystal display.  The main exhibitions was of course very appropriate to the location with many pictures, exhibits and films relating to the geology of key glaciers around the world, the history of Mont Blanc’s conquering, environmental aspects etc.  It also had a rather interesting chunk of the Indian airplane that crashed into the mountain during the 60’s. The crystal exhibition had a little history on the crystal hunters, but most importantly lots of lovely sparkly stones of various hues. Bling with labels, the kids loved it!
  • Alpine museum. You get entry to both museums for the price of one.  We didn’t actually get to visit this museum as it was felt by the male member of the family that one museum a holiday was enough.  But we had tickets for it, so I thought I’d include it in my list 🙂
  • Geocaching.  Not as daft as it might first appear as there are many just on the edge of car parks that only take a few minutes to get to.  For example Montee Divine opposite Les Houches at the foot of the Jesus statue, Vue sur les Grandes on a river bank near at Les Tignes and Toute vapeur near Montenvers station in the middle of town.  Well if you are going to go for a drive you need a reason to stretch you legs don’t you.

Although we had a good few days in the wet we didn’t get a chance to try some of the other things like the indoor climbing wall in Les Houches, the cinema or ice skating.  So every cloud has a silver lining I suppose, leaving us something to look forward to the next time it rains.


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