Kids ski free in Chamonix

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Well they do if they are the second, third or fourth child!

This applies to both the Mont-Blanc Unlimited Pass and Le Pass (we’ll talk more about the differences between the two a little later). It’s definition of  ‘family’ is a nice broad one as well, with grandparents, children over 15 and actual parents being considered suitable ‘family leaders’. So with documentation to prove that you are family (e.g. passport, family record book – I’m going to have to look into examples of what this might be in the UK …) you are eligible.

With 2 full paying ‘parents’, the first child is 50% of the adults rate and 2nd child is free, as are any others in the family.  Not bad hey 🙂

Example for a family of 2 adults and 3 children skiing with a Mont-Blanc Unlimited  6-day pass:

  • the two parents pay the public rate of 240€ (x2)
  • the first child pays 50% or 120,00€
  • the other two ski for free!

Total : 600,00€ for 5 persons and 6 days of skiing (Tariffs 2010, not including smart cards)

Should your family have different preferences for locations etc., you can even mix and match the Le Pass/Unlimited pass element, and price will adjust accordingly.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself or book online click here.

Incidentally a quick guide to the two pass types referenced:

  • Mont Blanc Unlimited (MBU): Best for those seeking maximum flexibility & convenience; people who want immediate access to the highest parts of the resort; people who want to be able to ski Courmayeur & Verbier and have full access to Les Houches slopes.
  • Chamonix Le Pass (CLP): Best for those on a budget; beginner & intermediate skiers.  More limited access.

And here are some ideas of skiing with kids


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