Babysitters in Chamonix

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Recently we were fortunate enough to be invited to holiday with friends in a luxury chalet in the 3 Valleys.  Lovely!!  But this got me thinking, ‘what is luxury’? Of course it means different things to different people, but to parents does this have more to do with the size of the jacuzzi or having the kids taken off your hands??

Taking your au pair or nanny holidaying with you isn’t open to everyone, but hiring a babysitter in resort may well be a way of getting the desired effect – a nice meal in peace, a day on the slopes without having to pick the kids up from ski school etc.

So how difficult is it to get good childcare while holidaying in Chamonix? Not very is seems.

Chatting to the owners of Baby Cham who have operated a babysitting agency in Chamonix since 2006, it seems they work hard to find the best child carers that the valley has to offer. All their babysitters are referenced checked, eligible to work in France, insured and have some kind of care qualification, whether they are nurses,  nannies, teachers etc. By all accounts their clients have very high standards and they have a great deal of success in meeting them.

The babysitters can collect kids from ski school and take them back to the residence, (subject to availability of course as not all babysitters have cars and others don’t like to risk driving icy roads with other people’s children). It sounds as though the kids have great fun as the babysitters will take them out for walks, build snowmen with them and maybe take them sledging etc.. The babysitters come equipped with a bag of activities and toys to keep the kids entertained too. All childcare takes place at the clients residence, there are no creche facilities or similar.

To avoid the need for paying the babysitter in cash, Baby Cham take payment by credit card and give you the opportunity to see the babysitter’s profile.  If you are happy with what you see, the booking is taken and you can look forward to your peace and quiet 🙂   And for busy periods like Christmas and half term it’s best to book early of course.

Baby Cham also provide a rental service, with high-end 3 wheel buggies, travel cots, snow suits and sledges so parents don’t have to lug their ski’s and all the kids basics through the airports.

Babysitting prices range from €15.90 – €17.90 per hour depending on the amount of hours booked. A fair price to pay for a bit of freedom and preventing you feeling more frazzled than before you started your holiday don’t you think?

Contact details below:

+33 (0)6 14 55 52 87

Skype at



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