Eating at Alan Peru. Fantastic!

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Chamonix has plenty of restaurants to choose from.  Unlike many French towns there is a plethora of world cuisine to sample, so when you feel a bit heavy after eating yet another cheesy, potatoey savoyarde dish it’s refreshing to find a fusion restaurant.

We found Alan Peru almost accidentally and it was in fact the set meal of tartiflette that drew our attention to the establishment – when dining with kids, homely, familiar dishes can be very attractive. The restaurant is situated between the market square and the l’ Aiguille de Midi lift, so almost off the main tourist thoroughfare, but close enough to feel apart of it all. Its also next to a recess in the pavement, which it shares with one of Chamonix’s Michelin stared restaurants, the Bistro.  The recess offered a little space for the kids to run around, away from other diners, should they get a little fidgety.  So it ticked all the kids boxes, therefore happy parents and we all sat on the terrace. 🙂

Then the parents were even happier when they looked at the proper menu!  A great range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with a distinctly asian influence. Between the adults we ordered tempura fish, burger, braised beef  and pork hock I think. 4 of the children split two tratiflettes and the eldest had the Yaki noodles that beat him (although no specific kids menus they were happy to split dishes).  All dishes were fantastic and we were spoilt for choice with flavours.  Presentation was also very modern and delicate. We would also have happily swapped the kids for the meals they had.

The service was friendly, patient and efficient when we were there in the summer.  Despite my command of pigeon French, responses were given in English which at least reduced possible confusion.

I’m sure its a restaurant that would like to position itself as relaxed, trendy and sophisticated and not have kids’ needs front of mind, but eating early evening in the summer it was perfect.  Our youngest daughter liked it so much that she asked to return there for her birthday the week after, and there were certainly no complaints from her parents. (This time I choose the falafel with coleslaw, which was beautifully fragrant and light and the kids shared the yaki noodles).  The second time we sat inside and got chatting to some lovely people who were experiencing the town for the first time.

Our next trip to Chamonix is without kids and in the snow, so we look forward to experiencng the restaurant ‘adult style’.  However I understand that things get busy, so we’ll be sure to book.

Restaurant Alan Peru in Chamonix Mont Blanc
Tel: +33  0450531604
Fax: +33  0450538067
Avenue l’ Aiguille de Midi
74400 Chamonix Mt Blanc




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