L’Impossible – an ecclectic eat house

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When we ‘moved in’ we were delighted to find that the building that acts as a great navigation point to our road (it has neon a sign on the roof, less tacky than it sounds, honest) was also a great restaurant.

When we first visited L’Impossible, it was offering a ‘tourist menu’ which was a little more suave than many restaurants in town.  It used to do a super tartiflette, and I think there might have even been frogs legs and beef consume served as well.  It was always a good banker to take guests to as they return suitably impressed. Thankfully for us they also welcome children, however all male parties of slightly mature mountaineers/skiers/cyclist are just a home,  as the group of my girlfriends I took there. Booking was as essential then, as now.

It has changed hands in the last year and is now Italian, focusing on organic, locally produced food.  This is an ethos we are in favor of, being regular recipients of Riverford’s organic frit and veg boxes.  However, I must admit on first sight the new menu didn’t grab us, nor the prices.  A little too much on the offal side for me and I feel that pasta is something that can easily be cooked at home.

Nevertheless, one wet August evening 2010 we gave it a go. We choose 3  entry level set menus (the kids shared) around 30 euros each.  The menus looked quite basic with either risotto or pigs trotters as the main course, however the tastes served up were sophisticated  – being able to create quality meals out of basic ingredients is a skill indeed.  I seem to remember someone having home-made ravioli aswell, which was lovely. Muse bouche was also enjoyed by all.

The service and decor didn’t disappoint either. They still have their marvellously eclectic decor of plush deep red furnishings and old masters set off against the background of a converted barn. They have opened up the entrance area now so it feels more part of the restaurant, although still downstairs.  It has also maintained its viewing window into the kitchen as you enter the foyer. I’m pleased to add to my report that the modern clean toilets are still going strong. – If the state of a restaurant’s toilets are a refection of the hygiene in its kitchen, in some you just regret ordering!!

Gone are the white table clothes (I think they used to have them??) as it moves to greater formality. And it seems that they have live jazz music on Friday evenings.  This is in addition to specific gastronomic evenings off-season.

Although perhaps a little on the more expensive side (190E p.p. for New Years Eve!) it is somewhere we make sure we visit each time we are in Chamonix.  It has become our family treat.   I just love its relaxed, almost decent air.


Route des Pelerins, Chamonix
tel. +33 (0)450532036 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +33 (0)450532036


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