Sunday lunch at Le Robinson in the sunshine

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With the early arrival of  summer in the ski resort the kids were keen to have ice cream. Driving back from Argentiere towards town we decided to pop down one of the paths that go through the woods (Le Bois du Bouchet) near the river at the edge of Les Praz.  – We needed to get into the shade!!

Promenade des Cremeries, as the name suggests has a number of  rustic restaurants offering refreshments. We chose the one with the most umbrellas that looked the coolest.  We’d passed it a number of times while cycling with the kids (Its a nice flat path around there), but never been in.  It turned out to offer a reasonable menu and have play equipment for the kids, so as a consequence a number of chilled out looking family groups.

Restaurant Le Robinson

309 Promenade des Cremeries

74400 Chamonix


Although we didn’t eat on this occasion the menu looked very reasonable for kids, with steak hache,  jambon blanc or chicken nuggets with chips, plus a drink for 7E.  For adults there was mixed grill, chips or vegetables for 18E, steak and chips for 18E, or sausage and chips for 9E.  For starters, again, not necessarily fancy, but a fair price for Chamonix, there was a range of salads around 12E and prawn cocktail at 10E.

We all decided that we’d be happy to visit the restaurant in the summer with our friends when they stay with us, as the older kids would be able to potter around in the woods following one of the way marked paths (you can see 3 levels indicated on the photo above), while the younger ones can jump all over the play equipment.  That will then leave the adults to enjoy the alfresco dining experience in peace.  We considered planning a visit for evening dining, but due to the lack of lighting we figured it would only be open for lunch.

So barely, have we finished our winter holiday and we’re looking forward to summer in the valley 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday lunch at Le Robinson in the sunshine

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