Hotel Le Dahu, Argentiere – good menu du marché

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This photo was taken after a morning’s skiing, which gives you flavour of the weather at the end of the last season. – Not a remarkable building, if not a little ‘worn’ by the standards of many Chamonix eating houses.  But it’s probably this 1970s/80s French feel that leads to the no-nonsense, good value, fresh quality food from the kitchens. It’s the kind of place they make the steak tartare in front of you.

Hotel Le Dahu, Argentiere

We didn’t choose anything quite so brave, but went for the 3 course ‘menu du marché ‘. This offered a beautiful fresh salad, followed by pave au salmon and blueberry fruit with fromage blanc.  We were greedy having 3 courses (you could have had only 2), but for 16euros we just had to.

Ordinarily we wouldn’t be in the town, opposite the new market square, but with all that hot weather, a terrace in the sun with beautiful views seemed like a good idea.  (The locals seemed to think the inside was a good idea. Maybe due to their lack of suntan lotion, or the fact that it was a little cheaper?) We’d tried earlier in the week, but got caught out with the French serving hours, just missing 2pm.

Here is a link to the hotel, should you want to get a bit more info.  Some rather clever ‘lifestyle photography’ I think, suggesting the decor is a little more contemporary than it is.  Does it matter though if the food and service are good? You’ll find it on the main road as you drive through the town.

Another place we will be paying a repeat visit to.


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