Kilian’s quest at the Adventure Film Festival

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We’ve heard rumours about how exceptional this man is. we’ve seen the films, last night was an extraordinary opportunity to see and hear the man himself in the flesh.

Having popped along to the adventure film festival last year we thought we’d do the same again this year, particularly after having watched the trailer of Cold by Simone Moro and his fellow climbers. Unfortunately we’d missed the premiere of that but we weren’t disappointed with the Saturday night line up.

Both the Feel the Hill and Wild Water were a breath-taking watch. Seb Montaz’s work, as usual was beautiful, although perhaps less of a surprise as we are followers of his work.

However to see Kilian was fantastic. In the flesh you would first be impressed by his trilingual ability, but to take questions from the audience must have been nerve racking for most 24yr olds and he coped very well in both English & French.
There was a rumour that he runs for 30 hrs per week’ – Kilian ‘True.’

Do you really ascend 520,000 metres pe year?’Kilian ‘ Yes’
‘Why don’t you run carry any water bottles?‘ – Kilian: ‘There are always mountain streams around and it’s quite easy to run for an hour without water’.
‘Why do you do it?’ – Kilian: ‘Because I can and the mountain is there.’
But the question that got the most amazed response from the audience was his little training jaunt this week. “I took it easy, but yes we ran up Mont Blanc this week. We ran the standard route from Les Houches, past Bellvue and up, it took 4th 15mins’ – excuse me???!!!! ‘Yes just over 4 hrs and we took it easy on the way back down too, we stopped at a refuge for some lunch and got down in about 2.5 hrs” Well what can you say??? The average extremely fit person will take 2 days, but not Kilian. It’s just a afternoon out!!…

From what I gather his sister accompanied him on this ‘slow’ jaunt up MB this week too. What a family!!

However none of these exploits seemed odd to him and he clearly enjoyed what he does. He came across as quite ordinary and humble. Very likeable but clearly amazing.

So with that little bit of prep he is still fit to run the UTMB later this week. Best of luck to him, but it almost doesn’t seem as though he’ll need it. Twice a winner, let’s see if this year is his third.

If you want to watch the final free open air screening of the festival, you’ll find it in Les Houches at Lac des Chavants on Tuesday 2th Aug. Apparently you’ll chance to meet the huskies that evening as well as watch 3 films.


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