TDS all done and dusted for the first year

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We’ve just returned from our annual summer holiday where we were blessed with fantastic weather for the two weeks.  One cool day and that was it (plus a night storm or two). We did our usual family activities of walking, cycling, swimming, lugeing and eating, but this time the middle part of our holiday was dominated by a famous event that attracts nutters.  The UTMB week. Or should I say North Face week?

I made the mistake of wanting to take photos of the start 2 years ago and ever since then Duncan and Alex have been obsessively fell running to gain the points to join the party. Not content to use their first entry on the shorter CCC race – when I say short, it’s around 92km & 5096m of positive altitude change.  So they decided to enter the TDS.  This being 110 km and 7100 m of positive altitude change! (the UTMB is the famous and main race, 170 km and 9714 m of positive altitude change and fourth the PTL  around 300 km and 25,000 m of assent!)

They did well. Alex came 377 out of 1,200 entrants.

And Duncan came 342. (Apparently they stayed as a team until they got to Les Houches where Alex’s shin splints were playing him up). The bit that upset Duncan was the fact that they were in the ‘seniors category’. Not bad given that about a third of entrants didn’t complete the full course.

Despite a little pain and nearly 27 hours of running they soon recovered and ran up Brevant a week later…. Just because it was there.

They seem to have enjoyed themselves and now have enough entry points, due to last years Lake District 50 miles, to enter the ballot for the UTMB next year. …. So next year’s holiday focus is already planned.

Anyway my involvement was taking photos (but not of the end as the so and sos ran too fast to be able to catch them at both a few Kms out of Cham and at the finish line!).  So here are a few photos at the start and family running along side to cheer them on.  Pretty big smiles given that there is about 105Km and 26hrs between the top and bottom shots.


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