3 tonnes of rubbish pulled out of La Mer de Glace

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This week 110 volunteers worked hard to clear the Mere de Glace of around 3 tons of rubbish. It turns out it wasn’t just the usual tourist rubbish of cans and crisp packets, but also bits of helicopters, cables and mountaineering equipment. Some of these items will have been contained within the glacier for over a hundred years, being churned around slowly. Amazing, great work guys!

The organised cleaning party was in its fourth year, arranged by Lafuma and Club Alpin Français.  It include the famous mountaineers  Catherine Destivelle, Patrick Gabarrou and Christophe Dumarest. Last year an even greater amount of rubbish was removed; 4.3 tons.   Check out last years video…

If you’d like to see some of the other giant bits of rubbish found on the glacier, the Espace Tairraz has some remnants.

Two plane crashes into the Les Bossons Glacier on Mount Blanc, one in 1950 and the other in 1966, and attracted a great deal of attention, especially when the artifacts and bodies began to be recovered many years later. Artifacts from the crash of the Malabar Princess, which killed 48 people in 1950, reappeared almost 30 years later, when a sack of mail in 1978 and part of the landing gear in 1986 were found.

In 1992, the partial remains of the 117 passengers and crew killed in the 1966 crash of the Kanchenjunga accident began to emerge.


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