Snow in Chamonix town by Monday, but why no cannnons?

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Woke up this morning to much excitement about the white stuff that had arrived last night. Currently the rain-snow limit is towards 1400 m, rising up towards 1800 m, but by Monday it should be down to 900m with temperatures barly above freezing. Excellent, snow at last.  Was starting to worry!

You can check out the ever changing webcams here.

Those in Chamonix are currently taking the 112km trip to Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta valley in Italy.  However, things are now looking promising, particularly as Les Grand-Montets first open day was yesterday.  The rest of the resort is due to open on the 17th December.

Roll on more ‘natural snow’, not only as its far better for the environment, but also due to the difficulty of creating snow in the warm temperatures created by temperature inversion, resulting in the town actually being cooler than the slopes.  Once temperatures are down to 3.5 on the sloped though the cannons can begin.  So we should be ok soon 🙂


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