Avalanche Academy launches its free lectures in La Terrasse Bar, Chamonix

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Lots of excitement in town, apparently there hasn’t been a bigger snow dump in December for many many years! All very encouraging for the opening of the season this weekend.

However given the size of the snow dumps over recent days, often accompanied by gales it can lead to great instabilities.  For example the risk of avalanche is forecast to be high, so be careful. It’s forecast to be a 5 tomorrow.

Up-to-date avalanche forecasts can be obtained from France Meteo.

Although I don’t mean to scare monger, four years ago there was a large avalanche in Le Tour with a number of fatalities.  I’m not saying that that is going to happen at the moment, but it’s sobering to be reminded of how powerful the natural environment is.  The clip below is the UK news coverage of the event.

personally, I prefer to watch them from the comfort of the flat window.  So presumably they are pretty big, and potentially lethal if you can see them happening on Mont Blanc from the town!

Help is at hand for spotting what to look for while in the high mountains though.  Avalanche Academy, based in Chamonix runs a series of courses aimed at different knowledge and experience levels.  So keen are they to share their knowledge and reduce risk to the adventurous folks that they are also offering free lectures in La Terrasse bar in the market square from 7pm on Monday nights, starting 19th December and running to the 26th March.

We wish them luck with this venture and lookforward to hearing reviews.


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