Ladies who like to lunch would love the Excelsior, Les Tines

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Although of course this time of year is full of snow and the excitement of the new season, I was prompted to remember a very fine lunch from our summer holiday when I read about the recent avalanche evacuation in Les Tines. (Thankfully it was just precautionary.)

After quite a wet summer season the last week of August was blessed with a beautiful week following nicely into September. Earlier in the week we’d cycled from the town, through the Bois du Bouchet, up the valley along the side of the Arve and decided to circle back via the Paradis des Praz after cruising through Le Bois.  It was a trip of about 8 miles which the children managed quite comfortably. Part of the route took us through Les Tines. We were spoilt for lunch choices while cycling through Les Bois and Les Tines.

Given the fine weather, when our friends returned for their second leg of their visit we opted for the restaurant with a pool – Hotel Excelsior.  However this was in effect a bonus, as the meal was very fine and it would have been a treat to eat there regardless of the veranda and pool.  I must admit I can’t remember exactly what we ate, but I recall the kids ice creams were top quality :-).  I remember the food being beautifully presented though and the staff extremely accommodating, particularly as two of our party seemed to add an extra 13 miles onto their cycle trip so arrived a little after 2pm.  The bill was around 100E for the 4 of us including drinks.

After our lovely lunch the kids played in the pool for an hour or so, the pull of Paradis des Praz not being quite as large as it usually is.  So it was just as well we were cycling not driving, with the parents making the most of the bar facilities. Restaurant Le A, just at the corner of our road is also a lovely dinning experience with a pool, but perhaps not as informal and rural as The Excelsior.

The bit that tickled Yas and I the most was seeing a small number of slightly older ladies arriving for afternoon tea.  Then taking it by the pool and going for a dip. How marvellous, we can’t wait for retirement.


One thought on “Ladies who like to lunch would love the Excelsior, Les Tines

    barratschamonix said:
    August 21, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    I’m afraid you won’t find it quite so resplendent this summer as when we cycled past the garden we saw it was completely dug up, no pool in sight. Maybe that means an even better lunch spot next year.

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