Only 2 more sleeps until #UTMB2012 draw results! Chances are slim :-(

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Oh, there are nerves in our house at the moment.  Just 2 more sleeps to go until the Wilmington Runners know if they have been accepted into the UTMB this year. – The “lucky” draw winners being entitled to 46hrs of guaranteed pain, exhaustion & cold,all voluntary of course!?! 🙂

The big thing being that if they don’t get in it this year’s, the entry criteria for UTMB2013 has risen and 7 instead of 5 points are needed.  Admittedly obtained across 3 races, as opposed to 2, but it will require an additional competition weekend away nevertheless.

Competition to get in is very tough.  Just look at these pre-registration figures below.  Along with the TDS and PLT, pre-registration is made up of 10’000 runners from 72 countries:

  • UTMB 195% over subscription
  • CCC 165%

To make the chances even slimmer of getting in this year, 800 of this year’s UTMB places automatically go to those who were not given a place in 2011 draw. There will therefore be, for those runners pre-registered, a draw with only less than a one in two chance of success.  Umm, a tough one!

Commiseration places will be offered for the TDS, providing it too isn’t over subscribed.  But that will scupper the ‘automatic UTMB place’ into 2013 providing necessary points are obtained.

However, if the 2012 entry really is important, and you are a kind hearted fellow, the 3rd option is to run for their chosen charity under the colours of a solidarity race-bib! This option, of course, not only benefits the nutters who want to do it but also those who aren’t in a position to do much for themselves, so win, win.

So fingers crossed for Friday, and all things being postive we can worry about getting the time off worked approved.  Now that’s another story…!


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