In celebration of getting into the #UTMB12

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One would have thought that getting into the UTMB was the hard bit, but it seems that getting annual leave approved is more difficult.  It appears that the Olympics are hitting the UK this year, which buggers up the holidays of those who defend our country.  Monday is the day of reckoning.  So, just in case things get awkward I thought it would be nice to celebrate last year’s event from a family perspective.

The day before the UTMB set off (while the TDS was in action) the event organisers arranged a Mini UTMB, Mini TDS and Mini CC in the Savoy fields. Our kids were very keen to join in despite not being particularly athletic themselves.  The buzz of the town that time of year just charmed the children to take part.

It was organised by the official committee, resided over by Catherine POLETTI. There was plenty of noise and excitement, with the kids grouped into ages.  The youngest doing the shortest Mini CCC and the oldest (up to 12 I think) did the Mini TDS.  I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or the parents?  Lots of running done by all (and some very fast running by a number of Dads) following their progress around.

This was also our first meeting of Sebastien Chaigneau, who came third in the big race itself that year.  A North Face sponsored runner, so of course key to this spin-off event.

And here is a little more on the efforts of the kids themselves.  It’s amazing how fast they’ll go for some free caps and stickers.  Or was it for the cakes and sweets?

And this is my favourite. Reverse winning 🙂  And of course the number one bibs are because everyone’s a winner 🙂
Allez, Allez!!

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