Jardin de Cimes, Passy, a lovely botanical afternoon out

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Friends of ours are currently planning their trip to Chamonix and wanted suggestions for things to do. Of course there are the walks and cable cars, but there are also botanical gardens often forgotten about. This reminded me to dig out the photos of our trip to Jardin des Cimes on the Plateau de Passy.

Its round about a 40 min drive up through Passy taking you into some of the more typical French villages, off the beaten track a bit. Its aim is to be organic and prides itself in its charitable status and kindness to nature. Being located on the side of the valley its views as you might expect are extremely pleasing. It has a number trails through the garden, including sensory ones if I remember, taking you back to the ice age and bygone eras. Its well laid out for children trails, with many guides tours. If you hit it at the right time there are also kids crafts and recitals.

Like all good French locations it has a cafe offering lovely fresh local produce. Checking out the website the prices seem very fair, 10E for a children’s menu and 16E for an adults 3 course lunch.

Its a lovely easy way to enjoy a piece of culture in the mountains without your crampons. If you don’t have plans to stop for lunch you can manage to complete your wandering in about 1.5hrs.

Its 15E for a family of 4 and opens between late May and early October each year.

61, impasse des Gures ZAE des Egratz

Access: 447, route du docteur Davy, le Plateau d’Assy, 74190 PASSY


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