Don’t forget your budgie smugglers – we’re French, no shorts please

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Its always useful to get feedback from friends upon their return.  They had a great time at our place, and made use of many of the things posted on this blog and leaflets in the apartment.  However, I’d over looked giving them one vital piece of advice. Take your speedos.

It’s something we’ve been caught out with ourselves in the past while holidaying in France.  When I say we, I mean the male members of our party. It seems that baggy swimming shorts, particularly loved by the Brits and Yanks, are an absolute no go in public swimming pools. (something to do with hygine?). In the past we’ve risked boxer shorts while on campsites, but that’s not really the kind of thing you can get away with for long!

The lack of suitable atire clearly catches many holiday makers out, as the sports center has a swimming trunks vending machine.  It beats hiring a pair of theirs I suppose, but certainly bumps up the cost of a quick swim. You also got to know your size in european terms as well, as they aren’t offering a straightforwrd small, medium and large.

More details on the sports centre can be found on a previous post

And a quick photo just to remind you what its all about 🙂 Why the different leg stance though?


2 thoughts on “Don’t forget your budgie smugglers – we’re French, no shorts please

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