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Butter wouldn’t melt, hey? We shall see…. 🙂Coco

With our last dog we didn’t bother to get a pet passport, thinking that he wouldn’t last long enough to warrant the hassle. 4 years later, he was still a live and kicking and costing a fortune in kennel fees or petrol back and fore to the Grandparents.

Having been sans dog for just over a year we recently took the plunge again, mainly as as incentive/reward for our younger daughter to study hard in her exams. She passed her 11+, so there we were left  looking for another family pet (father with big mouth/promises!). With a rare free weekend we jumped into finding a foot well sized dog and ended up feeling sorry for a 9 month old beagle. She is cute and fun, but very, very busy.  Our research should have been better, but there we go, she came with a cage which is a god send at times and she is now a full part of the family.

So being a young girl we thought a pet passport would be useful.  It’s too early to tell you exactly how it works but we’ve got as far s the UK element of it. £120 later she has her passport and rabbies jabs (having been micro chipped already), three weeks before we take her out of the country.  The UK rabbies jabs are valid for 3 years, but only 1 if we’d have had them done in France.  Apparently you used to have to wait 3 weeks after a blood check for an effective rabbies jab before bringing them back into the UK, but now that’s not necessary, just a worming tablets by a vet 24hr to 5 days before you return into the UK. I’ve found 2 vets in Chamonix listed so fingers crossed we should be ok. We’ll let you know how we get on.

I was reassured to find on chamonet that if we get board with walks in the bottom of the valley there are plenty of lifts and trains we can take her on, only Aiguille du Midi being ot of bounds.  However as Duncan has walked up to the mid station without a lift pass  in the past it might be the kind of ascent to wear her out anyway.

Access & Restrictions for the Lifts in Chamonix

Brevent & Flegere Domaine
de la Balme
Les Grands Montets Montenvers Aiguille du Midi Train du
Mont Blanc
OAPs Yes Yes Yes, up to Lognan unless not recommended by doctor Yes, access to the ice cave has many steps Yes, up to mid-station unless not recommended by doctor Yes, access to Nid d’Aigle is difficult
Babies Planpraz: from 10 months
Brevent & Index: from 18 months
Yes Yes, up to Lognan from 24 months Yes, from 12 months Yes, up to mid-station unless not recommended by doctor; not recommended under 24 months Yes, up to Belle Vue
Nid d’Aigle: from 24 months
Wheelchair Access Yes
Brevent: no
Yes No Yes, please advise ahead of visit for groups for more than four chairs Yes Voza: yes
Bellevue: yes
Nid d’Aigle: no
Planpraz & Flegere: yes
Brevent: no
Yes, at Charmillon Yes, at Lognan No Yes, at
Dogs Yes, but prohibited in the nature reserve Yes Yes on lead Yes No Yes on lead
Parapentes Yes No Yes No Yes, not July/August Yes –
Nid d’Aigle
Mountain Bikes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Car Parking Yes
(Brevent paid)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lockers No No Yes No Yes, skis only No
Reservations Required No No No No except groups Yes Yes in July/August
Sports / activities Skiing, parapenting, hiking, climbing, mountain-bikingSkiing, parapenting, hiking, climbing, mountain-biking Skiing, hiking, mountain-biking Alpinism from the summit, skiing, parapenting, mountain-biking Theme trail, museum, Ice Grotto, walk to Plan de l’Aiguille (Aiguille du Midi mid-station) Walking from the Plan de l’Aiguille (Aiguille du Midi mid-station), Alpinism and access to the Mont-Blanc from the summit Alpinisme from the Nid d’Aigle – access to the Mont-Blanc, hiking, mountain-biking

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