5 more summer things to do with kids in Chamonix

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It’s great to get all the fab feedback about the usefulness of our apartment’s blog. Thanks. One of the topics I get the most emails about is the kids activities,  so we thought we’d pull a few more ideas together. So here we go with another 5.

1. Ice skating: This can be found at the Richard Bossons sport centre over the road from the swimming pool.  The opening times tend to be shorter than the main sports centre, and subject to changes if Chamonix’s Ice Hockey Team the Chamois are playing at home, but a good fun couple of hour, complete with kid’s penguin supports if necessary.
We actually managed to catch a bit of a local friendly when we first popped in, which I must say was quite exciting, albeit benefiting from quieter crowds. Dates for the local Chamois team are found here.

2. Paradis des Praz: This is a great little find, particularly for the younger members of the family. Its an outdoor play area with pony rides, swings, zip wires, tethered canoe, sandpit and stepping stones. Admission is free, with only a charge made for the pony rides, providing you use their licensed snack bar. We have spent some great afternoons chilling our rose in the stream while the kids play under the shelter of the pines. Its open all day in the summer and during weekend afternoons for the rest of the year and school holidays.
Its located almost on the Petite Balcon Sud footpath about 2.5KM from Chamonix centre. So you can access it that way or walking from the golf club car park situated in La Praz village north of Chamonix town centre.

Les Praz, 74400 Chamonix Mont Blanc
33.(0)6 61 73 23 00

Paradis des Praz

3 Town train: Ok this one is a bit of a cheat as we’ve not been on it but we’ve seen it around a lot. Chamonet tells us it goes from 10am to 7pm and makes its way past the sights of Chamonix with a multi-lingual commentary telling you about the history and culture of the area.It leaves every 30 minutes from outside the Post Office, the Montenvers Train Station and the Aiguille du Midi lift station. It costs 5€ for adults and 3€ for children and operates throughout the summer months only. So worth a go when you’ve only a little time in the town.

4. Aiguille du Midi cable car: If you know the area for skiing this might seem an odd standalone entry. When it was built it was the highest cable car in the world and the second stage is the longest single span of any lift. So with facts and figures like that no wonder there are ques outside the ticket office everyday. – a good idea is to book online beforehand! Its a trip worth doing summer or winter for its amazing views, (don’t forget your jumpers in the summer though no matter how hot it might be in the town though.) Pretty much all of our friends have done this during their stay and they have some super family photos to prove it.
Should you decide to do it in the winter you even get treated to the bizarre sight of foolhardy people shuffling down an ice ridge (with or without crampons) to start the decent of the Vallee Blanch.

aguile du midi
Montenvers railway: So if you are on the Compagnie du Mont Blanc booking your tickets for the Aguille you may also wish to consider the train ride to the glacier, another almost unique experience. As well as the ubiquitous café (plus hotel of Victorian grandeur), it has a museum and ice grotto to visit. You also of course have a great view of the Mer du Glace glacier too.
For the brave among you, you can always walk between Aguille du midi mid point and Montenvers on the Balcon Nord. A flat and busy route, suitable families with moderate perseverance. We did it when our youngest was about 7 I think. Rather foolishly the maddest member of our party persuaded us to walk down the mountain having reached Montenvers. We managed it but walking for the numbers of hours you have as your age was pretty tough for the kids!

Walking the balcon nord

So there we have it 5 more activity ideas.

If you’d like to see our previous suggestions for sun and rain activities (and even rubbish snow) follow the links.
And some short walk ideas or two are also here.

If you done something interesting you think we’d enjoy we’d love to hear your ideas.


6 thoughts on “5 more summer things to do with kids in Chamonix

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    Joe said:
    August 15, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Some lovely ideas here! Also the outdoor pool and Lake Passy are great places to enjoy a dip with the sprogs!

      barratschamonix said:
      August 15, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      Thanks Jo. Yep our kids love that too, in fact they spent yesterday afternoon down their and got sunburnt…
      Think I might have given a link to it in one of my earlier posts.

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