Fête des Guides 2013, or ‘how many ways are there to descend a rock face?’

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Having had to cancel plans to go a number of years ago due to torrential rain, I’m pleased to say that the family managed to attend this year. I’m mentioning ‘the family’, as opposed to ‘we’, as I wasn’t in France at the time, so you are going to have to rely on my 10 year old daughter’s photography skills to get a feel for the action…

Annually the Mountain Guide Association (Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix) run a weeks long series of events in the valley (mid August) to celebrate their achievements and raise money for their benevolent fund.  It culminates in fireworks and various displays of agility on the Friday night at des Gaillands site and rock face where the whole back road entry to Chamonix is blocked off.  As its a fund raiser a small entry charge is made, but I understand it is well worth the money, but don’t forget your blanket to sit on and coat to wrap up warm.

Any way, here goes, a couple of picture to try to illustrate the range of feats they saw. Descending on:

  1. Mountain bikes
  2. Skiing
  3. Gangman style (adults on the rock face, kids accompanying as a chorus from the side)
  4. Montenvers train
  5. Going down in a lift (which was being fixed while it was moving, all planned of course!)
  6. Hang gliders
  7. A yeti walking down

They also saw picture of Mont-Blanc being projected on the rock face  along with marmots and even a man tight rope walking above them.  Apparently all these exciting things weren’t quite as random as they seem, as each was used to illustrate an element in the Mountain’s history, narrated with enthusiasm.  So not just a fun night out but educational too.

Fete de guides 2013 collage


One thought on “Fête des Guides 2013, or ‘how many ways are there to descend a rock face?’

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