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We have enjoyed many great holidays in Chamonix, both in the winter and summer.  However, we are blessed with the typical 21st, teetering on the edge, if not there, spoilt tweenagers. No end of telling them how ‘it wasn’t like this when I was growing up’ or ‘ you don’t know how lucky you are’ comments have prompted them to only desire Chamonix as their eternal holiday destination. Fair enough, there is a big wide world out there.

So I was most intrigued when I was approached by Chris Byrne and his little outfit Alpine Home Swap. Usually I tend not to pay too much attention to the requests to advertise the flat on one site or another,  but my little cherubs had pricked my conscience

 so it was a timely suggestion.

I had a look at the site and at that time it seemed to be small but perfectly formed and possibly a testament to the instigators well connected friends.

The idea seemed sensible; only owners of holiday homes could join and no money need exchange hands (:-P Mr tax man), providing both parties could agree on suitable exchange dates.  Accommodation need not be the same size, just as long as both parties get out of it what they desire. Right sign me up!

When we first registered for the extremely low introductory rate my initial requests to swap fell on deaf ears. Okay asking to swap a sleeps 6 for a sleeps 10 at half term, even with offering to pay the difference was rather optimistic… Anyway I’d forgotten about my requests until about 10 months later when I was invited to swap. Yes, let’s give it another go. After a quick look at what was on offer during a school holiday we bit his hand off. It even sleeps  8 if we wanted to pay a bit extra to have the extra beds made.

Our invitee turned out to be the chap who set it up, so it was good to be in the hands of seasoned swapper as such. Agreement paperwork seemed sensible and straight forward: sign on the dotted line and there you go.

So we now have a ski trip

 in Grimentz Switzerland to look forward to at Easter, courtesy of Chamonix.

NOW kids, you can’t say that we don’t listen to what you want 🙂

Alpine Home Swap

During the summer beach and lake homes owned by members were also added and now there are currently 120 fantastic places available via Alpine Home Swap.  And the more members that join, the lower the membership fee become.


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