Be careful of holiday home scams

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We personally get a number of dodgy enquiries each year asking to book long periods of time on behalf of clients without asking basic questions about our offering.  Sometimes they even ask if they can over pay us once WE’VE transferred an advanced payment into THEIR account by bank transfer which they will pay back with interest etc. So we feel relatively able to spot scammers.  Of course, we are at risk, but fortunately having an in-resort team who aren’t prepared to process the payment and refuse to make advanced payments on our behalf, we usually hear no more from the possible scammers.

It seems potential clients are more at risk than us though looking at the recent post by BBC News.  Many unscrupulous people making copies of real websites, taking the money and numerous guests turning up having booked the same week.  The article is below.

Holiday makers beware of scams

Of course we’d like all our guests to get what they paid for and at least be covered by they credit card insurance if they don’t!

Given the French system we are working in we aren’t quite covered by ABTA, but we are covered by the French equivalent.  Just in case in you want to know what you are covered by when booking with us, you can find more details in  Guarantees offered by our managing agents.

Any way here’s hoping you won’t come a cropper if you choose to stay elsewhere in Chamonix… 🙂  Happy holidays.


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    […] ironically having written a piece about holiday home scams a few months ago, it seems someone is trying it on […]

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