Andy’s Chamonix hang gliding trip

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My brother in law, the guest blogger, sharing a little about his trip to Chamonix last April.

“We had an excellent weeks flying towards the end of april mainly from Plaine Joux, a ski resort with the landing in Passy. If the weather is off Annecy is an hour and a half away.

The appartment has a garage long enough to store most gliders when not in use and the wifi made weather checks much simpler as English could be selected.

We never flew Chamonix as the Brevent cable car was closed for servicing. The hang glider landing in Chamonix is for braver or more skillful  pilots than me as it’s quite tight and surrounded with trees. We opted to play in Annecy as you can see from my mates video below.”

In my earlier blog about hand gliding in the alps and the links within it, it makes reference to the potential hairy landing site in the middle of town near the Leisure Centre (Le Bois du Bouchet).  The landing site is not visible from the place you take off, so I don’t blame him for heading down the valley for his first flying experience of the valley. But from a spectator sport that field is great fun.


One thought on “Andy’s Chamonix hang gliding trip

    […] skiing thing ago, as with snow in the valley the Bois Du Bouchet, more commonly associated with the landing of paragliders and informal family restaurants  was covered in snow and thin tracks.  Something for another […]

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