The Tsar of Chamonix

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Paul Evin a local Tsar in Chamonix

This may be a familiar sight if you are a regular visitor to Chamonix.  A Dr Zhivago look alike that enjoys riding through town in a full green coachman outfit, complete with white plumb and belt. He can often be found in the main market square, and trotting up and down the Rue de Docteur Piccarde.

He is a quiet man, happy to stand silently and proudly along side one of the carriages that he maintains meticulously.  He has quiet a collection apparently, a few of them rare.

The gentleman in question is Paul Evin, who originates from Brittany, has travelled extensively and married a Chamonaird lady.  A blacksmith by training, currently doing farriering too he has a passion for all things Russian and has spent uncountable hours restoring the body and paint work of his beloved carriages. – Sledge carriages were used in Chamonix up to the 1950s when the council started sanding and salting the roads, so this man has single handedly saved a pice of Chamonix’s history and kept it alive for us to see in action today.

He has quietly wandered the town for nearly 40 years, so is almost as established part of the tourist experience as Aiguille du Midi or the Balmat and Saussure statue.  So if you see him, be sure to take a photo to add to your collection. He is a great sight to see and nothing to do with any official tourist organisation either.

The Tsar of Chamonix Paul Evin


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