Up La Jonction: family walks

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Not always do you want to be walking for the whole day, but a short jaunt out to stretch your legs is appreciated. Sometimes the walk might only be to exercise the dog.  On this particular occasion we fancied a dog walk close to the flat but trying somewhere other than our usual round trip to Cascade du Dard.

So Chalet du Glacier du Boossons it was. Les Bossons village itself is a few KM down the valley from Chamonix town.

Sign at the parking spot at the bottom on the Bosson chair lift
Tremplin de Mont

As you can see, from the car park at the base of the Bossons lift (in the hamlet Le Mont) the walk is only around an hour. The cafe is just a 5 mins walk from the top of the chair lift too, but that would only be cheating of course …

As with most walks in the valley the path is well marked and generally steep.  Great for wearing the dog out if members of the party walk at different paces. Lots of rosy cheeks created by the 1,400m ascent.

The cafe, nestled at the side of the world’s longest altitude drop glacier, (basically it starts at the top of Mont Blanc and stops around 200 metres above Chamonix), has the usual pleasant mountain snacks and drinks and spectacular views.  It also has one other interesting addition: an outdoor museum of Air India memorabilia.

An Air India aircraft crashed down on November 3 1950, close to the summit of Mont Blanc. The crash killed all 48 people on board. As a result, every so often the glacier releases part of the plane or belongings of it’s passengers.  Photographs of these and details related to the event are displayed on boards along the walk between the chalet and the best view of the glacier at that height.

Chalet du glaciers des bossons

Our walk was the easiest, but there are also more challenging walks as you continue up the mountain. The chalet is the starting point for hiking to the cottage of the Pyramids, this hike is suited to intermediate hikers giving you a view of the entire glacier, the crevasses and ice pyramids. That part of the walk takes approximately 2h30mins, for which you can again be rewarded with refreshments.

From there, is the start of the famous hike to the famous Jonction, for more experienced hikers, which leads you to the gates of the mountain, to 2,589m. The hike to the Jonction from the restaurant The Chalet du Glacier takes approximately 4hrs

The Jonction is the last rocky outcrop before the kingdom of ice, allowing magnificent views of the glaciers of Bossons and Taconnaz. This route was taken by Dr. Paccard J.Balmat and during the first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1786. – our guys did the Goûter route though, so it doesn’t feature much in their write up.  I think I’ll have to leave that walk for another time.

If you’d like more ideas for short family walks, have a look at this, or even this in Servoz.

Or if you fancy something a little longer, check out the Goldhawk project.



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    philmaxbear said:
    May 20, 2014 at 10:45 am

    The humans and I are back in Chamonix on 19 June and are planning on a few walks so we’ll bear (pardon the pun) this one in mind. Your blog is really helpful so thank you 🙂

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