New ski lift at Argentiere, Chamonix will open for 2014/15 season

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Despite the Aiguille du Midi being named the top of the top 10 best ski lifts in the world by the Unofficial networks, the town sometimes comes under criticism for its antiquated lifts systems when the powder is really good.  Perhaps not surprising given the town’s popularity and change in technology over the years – but it still has nowhere near as many drag lifts as in St Luc, La Valaise, Switzerland!

Fortunately the CMB have already gone some way to moving things forward with the Flegere telecabin being replaced in  Dec 2013 and the Brevent lift in 2011.

Late last year the town council approved further redevelopments. The new forty year € 477 million plan allows for a huge investment over the next six years and to plan for future developments in the long term.

Three telecabins, two chairlifts and two new beginner areas in the next 6 years

The CMB proposal features the construction of three new gondolas, two chairlifts and two beginner areas:

2014: Plan Joran telecabin (Grands Montets ski area)
2015: Plan Praz beginner ski area (Brevent-Flegère ski area)
2016: Parsa Chairlift (Brevent-Flegère ski area)
2016: Argentiere beginner ski area (Grands Montets ski area)
2017 Charamillon telecabin (Tour ski area)
2019: Tabé / Marmottons Chairlift (Grands Montets ski area)
2019: Flégère improved access (Brevent-Flegère ski area)

The new Lognon gondola will carry 3500 people per hour and is set to be in place & operational for this coming winter 2014-15. 🙂  Look they posted a picture of the work taking place.

Given that we are one of those parents fighting with the the powder hounds to get the kids up to ski school in a timely manner, we look forward to our ski school stress being relieved next year, lets just hope when we get on the lift the kids haven’t left their gloves behind.. 🙂


4 thoughts on “New ski lift at Argentiere, Chamonix will open for 2014/15 season

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