Happy hour with a view: Gite Le Vagabond

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Although we love the Jekyll which is welcoming to family, dogs, seasonaires and alike, we’ve been pleased to find another bar in Chamonix with a happy hour.  The Vagabond.   Its just on the Avenue Ravanel le Rouge, the road heading out of town toward the Gailland climbing wall.  This puts it in a great position from which to watch the depart of the UTMB after it has left the town centre.  Ok that’s only once a year, but it can be handy to soak up the atmosphere.

It’s a back packers gite, the locals are a friendly bunch and English is spoken.  However the bit that works particularly well for us is the fact that it has a terraced seating area away from the road and given the low rise properties around it, a fantastic view of The Big Mountain.

Gite Vagabond

So yes The Monkey bar is closer to home and the super market, but this place is far more pleasant to sit outside. The Vagabond is also helpfully open all year round and each year it make more and more effort with its terrace.

Gite Vagabond

So a good find we think.  If you’d like to check out the other places with happy hours, (this one is 17.30 to 18.30) click here.


One thought on “Happy hour with a view: Gite Le Vagabond

    […] reopened and in an effort to attract clientele back it was doing a happy hour (another one to add to the list I hope). […]

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