Celebrating the indian summer; Chamonix off season

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Chamonix off season?  Girls weekend break, what to do?  No problem, it was the last weekend of September, so we’d managed to hit town when the lifts were still open (just), so the the iconic sights could be seen.  A trip up the Aiguille du Midi and Mer de Glace was a must, even a chance visit from the donkeys at Plan du Aiguille was had, how they got up there I don’t know.

Chamonix off season

The weather was fantastic and made ideal flying weather for the paragliders and hang gliders, presenting a fantastic sight in the air above the valley.  Some were even brave enough to jump off the Vallee Blanche.

Paragliding off the Vallee Blanch

Before we ascended up the big mountain we meandered around the Saturday market, sampling the nougat, drinking the coffee and of course taking take to visit to a patisserie.

Chamonix Saturday market

And of course, in the evening we had to top the day off with cocktails and a traditional Savoyard meal.

Cocktails for the girls


So I’m pleased to say we found plenty of things to do that didn’t involve extreme sports or involve excessive walking. – And that was just the first day of the weekend. Although I must say, those mountains looked sooo inviting in the autumn sunshine, I’d not have objected to a lengthy stroll at all.  Funny how you can miss your dog sometimes!!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the indian summer; Chamonix off season

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