Le Grépon ski jump rennovation

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The very first Olympic ski jump was built at the foot of Mont Blanc massif and the “Glacier des Bossons” glacier for the 1924 games and was called “Le Mont” . There Jacob Tullin Thams became then first Olympic champion in ski jumping. With Birger Ruud, another Norwegian was successful at WSC at Chamonix in 1937. It was subsequently altered in 1923 and  1936 but although used for national competitions is no longer part of the international competitions.  Its classification for those of you who follow those kinds of things is a K95.

However, its the K50 at Le Grépon that has been intriguing us.  You see it each time you drive around the ring road of the town in its sorry unused state, but this year there has been plenty of activity.  It seems that Tremplin du Grépon currently a K50 is being modernized to be a ski jumping facility as K60, K30 and K15.  Club des Sports de Chamonix currently train in Les Houches due to lack of suitable facilities in the town.  The photo below shows you some of the ground works taking place, with the old jump tower on the right.

new ski jump

I have managed to find a bit of footage of the slope in use in its recent form which gives you an idea of how it might look once its finished.  These young lads are brave (and very fit to carry their long skis up the steep slope!).

Until renovation started the jumps were a little too close to the pylons to be safe and the terrain had been damaged by tobogganing, but there is support for resurrecting a jump area that pays tribute to the fact that Chamonix hosted the first winter Olympics, so we look forward to seeing its end state.

This is another great piece of modernisation to go with the updating of a number of lifts, which is great.




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    […] other changes did we noticed since our last trip 6 weeks before?  Well, it looks as though the ski jump has been finished at Le Greppon. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see anyone doing the jump, […]

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