I think The Times might quite fancy Chamonix….

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Yes I know I said there was a part two to our recent trip, but before we get to that I thought I’d share with you the things that have recently distracted in the Sunday Times.

Mont Blanc view

We’re subscribers so the papers always seem to litter our living room at the weekend, sometimes the articles even get read out aloud, not as a performance piece of course, but as an item of shared interest.  Well, it seems that we’ve had a lot of those kind of conversations recently; the Sunday Times just seems to love Chamonix.

  • Last Sunday there was a nice piece about back country touring on snowboards, using a split board.  It seems there is a new phase ‘splitties’, and its starting to appeal to the intermediate snowboarder too. Splitboarding in the Alps _ The Sunday Times.
  • The week before we spotted an article mentioning the last minute half term ski bargains. Late travel deals for January 31, 2015 _ The Times We’re booked for that week, but the town’s mention in association with family friendly skiing tends to be seldom compared to the more hair raising stuff.

“If anything, the sense that not everyone will like it (because its a scattered resort within a steep valley) seems to deepen the appeal for those already settled here. It’s almost as if, by buying into Chamonix, they’ve joined a club for people who really understand the mountains and know how to use them, rather than the lightweights who flirt with them once or twice a winter. This creates a powerful bond.”

And we were intrigued, and probably agree upon reflection, when it was described as having “slightly grungy, granola feel.” 🙂

  • So that took us to the 25th January, but you only needed to go back a few days to see it featuring in recommended short break destinations Ten great mini-ski breaks _ The Times.  Given the amount of snow that has dumped over the last few weeks it looks as though the end of season will be fantastic, 65 of the 68 ski lifts currently open.
  • A week or two further back we find an angle on the summer season.  It came in at number 28 for its summer walking holiday using the Grand Balcon Nord path and number 31 for its exhibition celebrating 150 years of mountaineering history.  Not bad getting 2 mentions in France’s top 50 destinations. The 50 best holidays in France _ The Times

So not bad, 5 mentions in around 5 weeks.  I look forward to reading the other articles that will no doubt be written over the coming months.


2 thoughts on “I think The Times might quite fancy Chamonix….

    […] The Times articles distraction aside, back to our little weekend away.  Well we continued with our use of public […]

    Cru Chalets Chamonix said:
    February 10, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    There’s the Nordic ski challenge (Grand prix de ski nordique) in 5 days time. Always a great occasion in Chamonix!

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