What a difference 6 weeks makes: part 2 (everyone seems to know about the Monkey Bar burgers)

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Ok, The Times articles distraction aside, back to our little weekend away.  Well we continued with our use of public transport, so on the second day of our short break we hit the buses again.  This time we went straight for the Cham Sud bus stop and sought a coach heading for La Tour La Blame which turned out not to be as frequent as the other destinations, but not too long a wait nevertheless.  The journey took mourned 30 mins and you could have bailed out for Grands Montets if the journey had got too much.

Unfortunately the visibility wasn’t great, but we were there to ski after all. The slopes were quiet with more people taking the back country routes than the pistes themselves. So we took it easy and stopped for a hot chocolate at Les Aiguillette cafe which is probably one of the cosiest and cheapest restaurant on the local pistes.

After a lift back up to the Vallorcine side, as the Foret Vert run was closed we decided to take an early lunch and use the Vallorcine lift down to L’Arret de Bougnete  for a spot of lunch.  It was as good as we remembered it, with a fantastic plat de jour and salad topped off with the fanciest fried egg I’ve seen.

L'Arret Bougenete lunch

The plan was then to head back up the mountain with the hope that the weather had cleared, but we found a train in the station Chamonix bound, so we jumped on that instead.  It was a very civilised way to travel down the valley, watching people walking through the valley.


We alighted at Argentiere and walked the 7 mins across the carpark to the new Plan Joran gondola again.

This time we skied until they chucked us off the mountain. 🙂

So back to town for the Terrasse’s new happy hour, followed by the burger night at the Monkey Bar. Well that was the plan, but it seemed that half of the town had also heard about the Monday half price burgers in the Monkey, so we could hardly get through the door (as its very popular with seasonnaires and visitors alike), so plan B was called for.  A trip to the wood fired pizza oven just around the corner.

So what other changes did we noticed since our last trip 6 weeks before?  Well, it looks as though the ski jump has been finished at Le Greppon. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see anyone doing the jump, but I get it’s a great spectator sport!

Chamonix ski jump


There was one thing that hadn’t changed though, the lovely horse and carriage in town driven by Paul Elvin, the local farrier.


Russian horse and carriage Chamonix

So all in all we had a fab weekend and getting the early morning flight home still enabled us to be at our desks before most of our colleagues!  We did come away thinking about the non-alpine ski actives we might do should we experience inclement weather again though.  Of course there are a number of obvious touristy things to do, but we quite fancy giving the cross country skiing thing ago, as with snow in the valley the Bois Du Bouchet, more commonly associated with the landing of paragliders and informal family restaurants  was covered in snow and thin tracks.  Something for another year……



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