Hotel l’Aiguille Du Midi, a traditional French restaurant, and just lovely for it

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Each season I like to check out the brochures that suggest special restaurants in the Chamonix and Megeve valley.  Last summer a local one I’d not previously noticed was included, the Hotel l’Aiguille Du Midi in Les Bossons.  It sounded interesting and we thought it’d make a nice change from going into the centre of Chamonix to eat, so we cycled passed it on the back from our Les Houches trip to check out the menu.

We made a booking for the next night which happened to be a Monday, and just as well we did as the place was full. It’s a Logis so is typically used on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis, hence plenty of guests, but we weren’t the only non-residents there that night.

As with the other reviews you’ll read, we can concur that the staff were pleasant, food was plentiful and welcome warm. In fact, Libby probably had one of the best kids meals we’ve seen.  Ok it costs a little bit more than other kids meals perhaps, but it was definitely worth it, particularly as it was finished off with and edible flower.

Kids meal Hotel Aiguille du Midi

The menu was traditionally French, and not particularly heavy on the Savoyard dishes like many other local restaurants. Our eldest even chose the Escargot for her starters.


I chose the breaded veal for my main course, having had smoked salmon for my starters, while Duncan had an extremely tender stake as his main course.

Smoked salmon starters

The first 2 savoury course were followed by a plentiful cheese board, of which there wer 3 types of goats cheese, Compte, Beaufort and Rublocon among others.

But the piece de resistance for most guests was the extensive dessert board.  Unlike the cheese trolly the selection was far too big to wheel next to the table. You were very lucky to have any room left to fit anything in, but we gave it ago.  I went for the chocolaty offerings, while duncan went for fresh fruit of course and the kids had the opportunity to try a range of patisseries that are often found in the morning bakery.

So all in all good value for the 35 Euros for 5 courses.

However, it wasn’t only the menu that made the meal feel traditional, but the decor too.  None of the super sleek, minimalist, or cliched alpine chalet look here, but perhaps more the ‘France through the ages’ feel. It’s a family run establishment, now in it’s 5th generation, so the look has evolved, which makes it charming with intriging elements of kitsch perhaps.  The photo below shows a marvellous item.  It’s a silver sculpture of the hotel’s name sake made into a trolly of various layers, so beneath the mountain itself you’ll find the sommeliers and then the bottom level chefs.  Quite a marvellous feature of the dinning room.

Silver Aiguille du Midi


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