An introduction to trail running in the Chamonix Valley

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With continued success of one of the worlds toughest Ultra Trails (UTMB), its only a matter of time that some smart cooky made more of the local terrain beyond that one week of the year and mapped routes of varying degrees of difficulty for those who want to give trail running ago.  Ok, it’s not necessary to follow a specific route just to go for a run in the hills but for those new to the area it can be reassuring to check out the amount of potential positive elevation involved, or whether a transport back to the beginning will be needed at the end (i.e. its not a circular trail) should you not be able to finish at a location that links to the free transport system in the valley.

So the Vallee du Trail was born the year before last year.  It has a range of paths graded for difficulty with GPX files, PDFs of the map and key point and links to more topographical views for the details.  Start points range form Servoz in the south of the valley to Argentiere towards the top.

Here is a flavour of some of the views you might experience.

However, as we have a dog it’s not possible to run through the Aiguilles Rouges nature reserve, located between Argentiere and Vallorcine, so here is our take on 10 mile circular trail run.

And if you really get the bug, here are the kind of organized running events that go on in the valley over the year, with the the TAR being 27th Sept this year.


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