Welcome to Chez Platt

Welcome to our place, chez Platt, Barrats A!

As you may have gathered we have a lovely place in Chamonix.  We’d like to spend far more time in it, but work seems to get in the way…  So we feel that the next best thing to do is to talk about it – the apartment, local areas and activities  etc. and imagine we are there.

3 of os us

Through our blog we’d like to share interesting things we find, give you tips for getting the most out of your stay, the best places to ski, walk, hang out etc.   At this stage in our lives news often revolves around family based activities, but more extreme sports get a mention as the male of the party goes through his mid-life crisis.

Through hearing the things we have to waffle on about, hopefully you’ll be convinced to give some of them a try and come and stay in our comfortable apartment.

Your requests for info are welcomed. Enjoy!

For rates and availability contact us at  janevhales@gmail.com

+44 (0) 7976 555 108

Chamonic activities


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