Mont Blanc Triathlon, a new event added this year

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The UTMB trail running event had long been on the bucket list of hardy long distance runners, but of course that’s been booked up for months, as has most of the town’s accommodation for that week.

Fortunately, outdoor, sport supporting fans have another event in beautiful scenery that they can add to their calendar the week before the town gets super packed. 


20160822_133337.gifThe Mont Blanc International triathlon takes place on the banks of the Lac de Passy (which is a great municipal lake) at the foot of Mont Blanc, where you can see the “rooftop of Europe” reflecting in the lake while supporting this unforgettable triathlon. Iron man has nothing on this one.

This year there are 5 events to choose from: individual and relay sprint, individual and relay Olympic triathlon, 2 junior events and NEW half iron Mont Blanc, so there is something for all tastes and all ages.

TDS 2013 going up to Petite St BernardIt’s still possible to register for entry I to many of the events now.  Registration is open until the 22nd Aug so you’ve still got a bit of time to put some training in.

Fortunately Residences Barrats A is available that week: 19th to 26th August 2017. Contact us for rates +44 7976 555 108.


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