It’s a dogs life – vets and cani cross

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The great mountains called her and off she trotted, very gamefully up 50 degree or so slopes, full of snow. The walk to the Cascade du Dard from the back of our flat suited her nicely and quickly helped to expend her of some energy. (By the way you don’t have to take such a steep path to the gorge,  she just loved running up the slopes.).  She had great fun in the snowy banks.

With her pulling prowess it gave us a neat business idea: cani rando (doggy hiking). As of yet we’ve not seen it in Chamonix yet, but it seems to be all the rage in Megeve.  Basically it seems to be 15euros a half day for other people to take your dog for a walk.  Well we have the waist belt for running with her, plus the dog harness, so we’re all set to go 🙂 Might be a bit cheeky to charge the extra 7 euros for a kneel visit though, unless of course we offered them a cup of coffee when they got to the flat.

Anyway, time came so as we had to get her back into England.  She needed to be wormed between 5 days and 24hours before returning home, and as Chamonix is less that a days drive away we could sort the vaccinations in resort before leaving. We found 2 vets on the internet: one who was sure of her prices, the other less so.  so we went for the fixed price vet Valerie Heirman, located on the main road between Les Tines & Les Praz, easily spotted by her big blue cross.

Everything was then straightforward and she wolfed her tablet down within the food it was hidden.  Job done in a visit that lasted only a few minutes.

Valerie Heirman, 1041 Route Des Tines. 04 50 53 98 08 was the vet we used.

Our travel on the Channel Tunnel was straightforward both ways too. Another fee we wondered how hard someone had to work to earn it, we even scanned our own microchip for them.

Anyway, all good, and she thoroughly enjoyed her trip and will be looking forward to her visit in the summer.

dogs in chamonix

A quick shot above of her recovering form her cani cross activities on a rare occasion when she suck on the sofa!!.  We thoroughly hoovered and cleaned afterwards I hasten to add.


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